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Behind the scenes of ‘Hall of Claims’

It's only the second time in 25 years my home was chosen for commercial filming. I think I chase a lot of location people away because of my concern for an 1894 Queen Anne Victorian; they know they have to fix what they break, and that's expensive in a...

Steely Dan

KROQ, known in the 80s for new wave, actually played quite a bit of classic rock. On the music key while under Program Director Rick Carrol’s reign, appeared — once per hour — “any Beatles, any Zeppelin, any Stones, any Who.” This meant that we could have our choice...

Tone Loc

Here was a black guy named Tony, who ventured in to a vastly white radio station to hand me an unheard single that would become a hit by the end of the week. I played “Wild Thing,” as my Catch of the day that Monday. I also played it an unheard of second day in a row....

Rage Against the Machine

Tom Morello is great because his guitar phrasing is it’s own language. You want an instrument to transcend itself. Many of the best bands do not sound like individual instruments. It goes beyond guitar, bass and drums. When you hear Rage, Nirvana, Tears for...




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