People who listened to KROQ in the early 80s often ask about Poorman. Originally named Poorman because of his “eat here for under $5” feature. He would just drop in and do it in all dayparts, and each joq in return would receive two gift certificates for that restaurant. The cheapest advertising those businesses would ever get. Here is his story about how he went on to be ‘rich man.’ He left wads of $100 bills in the back of his jam-packed car, unlocked, lost for months or more. I would deem this account mostly correct. I empathize with his heartbreak, which has now haunted him for decades.
Poorman’s Radio Days: Fired From KROQ! The Real Story (Part 1)
As to what he does now, here’s another OC Weekly article about just that. He terrified many back then. He had few boundaries and I’m afraid I was no help, both of us regularly stretching them to offense. As his roommate for a few months in 1983, some of the wildest things (and this is me talking) occurred at his 14th Street apartment in Newport Beach. I do not speak to him regularly but we are on cordial terms.