Maybe you’ve seen gold or platinum sales awards. Typically they are given to band members, producers, and label executives. For a while, the recipients were people who helped promote the albums. I’ve been asked what happened to most of my gold records. Honestly, I didn’t have room for them all, so I kept only the ones I feel I legitimately earned. The ones that have a story. The gold albums given to me specifically so I would continue to support a band I didn’t care about went by the wayside.  The one I really worked for but did not get was Devo. There are a few bands I helped put on the map, but for the most part I could care less about a shiny record in a frame. Yet a gold Devo album (or four!) might be cool. They just never sent one. As you may imagine, I have many rich Devo stories. But the awards here you see pictures of are the ones that meant something to me.